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Arlequin records, second hand music in Brussels, 2 shops & 3 specialists
Hello Everybody, As you can imagine we are trying to get the shops ready for reopening on monday the 11th of may assuming no changes by the government ! As we all lear...
01.05.2020 > 01.09.2020 / Brussels
D day is there ! After nearly 2 months both shops are reopened today (YAHOO !) I know after these 2 long months we want to act more the BLACK FRIDAY MOB but NO WE WILL ...
11.05.2020 > 31.12.9999 / BRUSSELS
Temporary closing
For reasons linked to Covid-19 (NO we are not sick !!!) both shops will be closed from saturday the 20th of june to friday the 26th of june inclusive. We will be back ...
20.06.2020 > 26.06.2020 / Brussels