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>Practical info
+ Code for the condition of records and sleeves
+ Cost of post and packaging*
+ Estimates & Evaluations
+ How to buy a record offered on this site
+ How to sell
+ How to sell by deposit
+ Instances and procedures for reimbursements
+ What are the means of payment
Code for the condition of records and sleeves
Codes for the condition of records are very strict and are always labelled as follows; condition of sleeve/condition of record.

For the records
SEA: Sealed; The record is sealed by the manufacturer
NEW: The record may have been played but is as new.
NM: Near mint; almost new; sounds as new some signs of having been played
VG+: Very good +; very good condition, sounds as new, some visible signs of having been played.
VG: Very Good; good condition; marks and visable usage, for vinyl maybe some slight background noise
G: Good; average condition; numerous marks visable and marked usage, for vinyl background noise discernable
F: Fair; very average condition; numerous visable marks and marked wear, for vinyl regular background noise and occasional ticks can be heard
P: Poor; poor condition; numerous visable marks and obvious wear and tear, for vinyl background noise clearly audible and 1 or 2 tracks could be scratched.
B: Bad; bad condition…
IMPORTANT: The last 3 categories are not on sale at the Arlequin, (can be found in the dustbin or recycled as art) except in the case of rare collectors.

For the sleeves
SEA: Sealed; the record is sealed
NEW: New; as new
NM: Near mint; nearly new
VG+: Very good +; very good condition
VG: Very good; good condition (a few visable traces)
G: Good; average condition (wear and traces visible)
WOC: Writing on cover
WOL: Writing on label
RW: Ring wear; wear on sleeve in the form of the record.
CO: Cut out

Records in general
PS: Picture sleeve
GF: Gatefold; open out sleeve
R: Reissue
LP: Longplaying; album
DLP: Double longplaying; double album
BOX: Box set
MCD: MaxiCD; CD 12” single
CDS: CD single; CD 2 or 3 tracks
SACD: Super Audio CD
PROM: Promo copy
TEST: Test Pressing
PIC: Picture Disc; Image printed on the vinyl
DGP: Digipak; CD with cardboard sleeve, gatefold.
VHQ: Vinyl High Quality 180g; superior quality pressing.
CDG: CD Gold.
7’’: 7 inch; 45 rpm
7’’PS: 7 inch picture sleeve; single with illustrated sleeve
10’’: 10 inch
12”: 12 inch; extended play single
EP: Extended play; single with 3 or 4 tracks

Other media
VID: Video
POS: Poster
MAG: Magazine
K7: Cassette
Cost of post and packaging*
1 x CD: 4€
1 x LP: 6€
1 x 7": 4€
1 x CD: 8€
1 x LP: 12€
1 x 7": 8€
1 x CD: 12€
1 x LP: 20€
1 x 7": 12€
Add 5€ for a recorded delivery
Prices for post and packaging for other amounts or combination of products are available on demand. We try our best to offer the best possible price for these services.

*Packaging is of the best quality and guarantees (as far as possible) safe transport of your order.
Estimates & Evaluations
It could be that in certain circumstances (Inheritance, Decease, Insurance claim, Divorce or simple Resale...) that you may require specialist advice to estimate the value of a record collection, in whichever case we are available to put our experience at your service. After 20 years in the business, we have the knowledge, references and tools to provide a professional evaluation.
We provide two types of evaluation
The Rapid evaluation: which gives one a good idea of the approximate value of a collection without going into details about each individual record.
Invoice price: 0,25 € / record (vat not incl.) With a minimum charge of 50€(vat not incl.) + call out fee ( to be arranged)
The Specialist evaluation : which allows one to have a precise idea of the value of each record and the price that you could ask in the case of a resale.
Invoice price : 0,50€/ record (vat not incl.) with a minimum charge of 50€(vat not incl.) +call out fee (to be arranged)
It is of course possible to have a mixture of the two formulae: an overall value for the collection and a specialist evaluation of the best items.
Our expertise applies as much to collections of lp's, 45's & 12"records as to other related objects: posters, promotional material & limited editions.
You will be invoiced for these services by the S.P.R.L Arlequin.
How to buy a record offered on this site
We will send you the confirmation form via the button “keep it for me” which can be found above the details of the product. This form should include your e-mail address.
Wait for confirmation of the availability of the desired product (as of this moment the product will be reserved for 1 month)
This confirmation includes the total price to be paid (cost of the goods + transport)
You send us a payment via one of the methods below.
On receipt of payment we will send you your goods.
How to sell
Bring your records, CD’s, LP’s, comics, books posters, DVD’s … to one of the 2 Arlequin shops
We will propose you a price which takes into account various criteria both objective (shop prices, condition and quoted value…) and subjective (interest, saleability, experience)
If you think you have a collection of specific interest due to its musical orientation (a jazz collection for example) we would welcome you to give us a phone call in order to advise you as to who is the most competant person to deal with your sale
If your collection is too large, we can come to you and estimate its value at home
As long as the deal has not been completed you are free to change your mind and refuse to sell
We buy equally entire collections or those parts of collections that interest us the most.
We pay cash.
How to sell by deposit
If you believe (and we do to) that your collection or a part of your collection is particularly valuable or incalculable, we propose the formula of sale by deposit.This formula concerns only limited collections of specific interest.
Sale by deposit means that you can sell your collection at a better price but over a much longer time frame.
We propose a price in function of the estimated value of the record, in agreement with the seller and taking into account our general pricing policy.
This formula has a time limit (6 months) and the payments are made on a monthly basis.
Sale by deposit is an option that cannot be organised at the shop counter because it requires preparation and organization
Instances and procedures for reimbursements
In the instance of loss, theft or damaged goods it remains our responsibility. If this occurs you are required to inform us within 48 hours of reception and to contact your local post office.
No repayments will be made without a declaration from the post office.
All sales are definitive, no returns will be accepted without our prior agreement.
In the case of agreement on our part, the total sum (sale price + transport) will be reimbursed on reception of the said product.
In cases of dispute these will be examined with the greatest attention.
A transaction that occurs without problems is just as important for us as for the client.
What are the means of payment
Bank transfer to ING account nr: 310-0578550-31
International Payments
ING account nr: 310-0578550-31
IBAN: BE04310057855031
If you have a problem paying via the above methods don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can find a solution