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Franšais • Made in France

Maurane Maurane LP 1989
Bruno Brel Vol. 2 LP 1979
Andre Burton Visiblement tu n'es plus la LP 1978
Eddie Defacq (sous l Les mariniers, A Cherbourg... LP 196?
Bruno Brel ... c'est beau! LP 1977
Annie Cordy Annie Cordy LP 197?
Jofroi vol.3 LP 197?
Jofroi Jofroi LP 1981
Jofroi et les coulon Changer de pays... LP 1975
Sacha Distel Sacha Distel LP 196?
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So find your way to the best music, DJ , parties and arts events happening in Brussels with this magic list to avoid the crap and indulge yourself with only the very best. NOW your life become exciting and interesting...;-P proposed by Peter
Vacation, shopping, music & all you wanna know about Jamaica proposed by Peter
Fan of Telex proposed by Peter
Dominique A, ses chansons et tout ce qui tourne autour. proposed by Peter
number 1 roots sound in Holland proposed by Peter