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BANZAI We're so sorry / Be careful no 7"PS 197?
SCABS So Called Friends / Frozen Fac 7"PS 1981
Plasmatics Butcher Baby 7"PS 1980
BENE GESSERIT / LeLu sahid bahey / africa 7"PS 1986
RAXOLA I Wanna be an angel / Waiting CDS 2004
Black Sabbath It's Alright / Rock 'N' Roll D 7"PS 1976
JEREMIAH Jeremiah LP 1973
Cherokees rythm' Club 7"PS 1981
PARAMOUNTS True Warm Tenderness / Right I 7"PS 1969
Isabelle Antenna Jouez Le Cinq LP 1989
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New Wave lp's proposed by Dominique
U.S. psychedelic albums proposed by Dominique
70's Punk singles proposed by Dominique
buzzcocks proposed by Dominique
| Title | Artist Label Year
| Once And Never Again (single) | The Long Blondes
| So This Is Goodbye | Junior Boys
| Melodrama | Corazon
| Public Display Of Affection | Hey Willpower
| Ice Cream (single) | New Young Pony Club
| Impossible Sightings Over Shelton (single) | The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
| Dreams | The Whitest Boy Alive
| Only A Orchard Away | Box Codax
| Paper Television | The Blow
| Bring it Back | Mates of State
Belgian blog with cultural news &clips to see or be reseen, info on what's going on. proposed by Peter
Black Magic Plastic when you want to here it complete with playlist & disponability of the tunes in the shop! proposed by Peter
Sound system & Label based in Paris news & interviews check it out proposed by Peter
great flemish soundsystem the place to go for dubplates in Belgium proposed by Peter
German dub producer & label proposed by Peter