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DJ Corner

Format : LP • Label : TRAX Records • Condition S : VG R : VG
Release date : 1989 • Country : USA • Price : 20 €
Description : Licensed from Dadical records, a(very understandable) exception in the TRAX cataloge!
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Jade 4 U Messenger of love 7"PS 1992
Jade 4 U The early rain / Midnight ride 7"PS 1988
Jade 4 U It's not over 7"PS 1989
Praga Khan Bula bula (2 mixes) 7"PS 1989
Technotronic Turn it up 7"PS 1990
Amnesia From here to eternity / Let's 7"PS 1991
Amnesia It's a dream (remix) / It's a 7"PS 1989
Tommi / Rolling ston Satisfaction (medley) Part 1&2 7"PS 1977
VA / I hate electron Concours circuit 04 CD 2004
Telex Twist a Saint Tropez / Le fond 7"PS 1979
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