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DJ Corner

Mr Fingers Introduction DLP 1992
Paperclip People Clear and present 12" 2001
Tragic error Klatsche in die hände / Links 7"PS 1989
Swains Don't call us MCD 1990
Hi Tek 3 feat Ya ki Spin that wheel (4 mixes) MCD 198?
Beathoven Call the cops (4mixes) CDS 1988
Bill Laswell Lo. def pressure LP 2000
Mick Harris / Eraldo Overload lady, LP 1996
Freeform by Tal / A Vietnam & China LP 2002
VA / David Morley / Personal settings 2 LP 2002
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| Title | Artist Label Year
| 12 by 12 | Patric Cowley Megatone records 198?
| And the beat goes on! | various Telstar 1988
| Anthems vol 4 | various DM Street Sounds 1987
| Disco Forever | various BBE 200?
| Gold dance classics vol.1to4 | various Arcade 199?
| Golden Grooves vol1§2 | various Street Heat 198?
| Mutant Disco vol1§2 | various ZE records 2003
| Philadelphia Classics | various PhillySoulClassics/Sony 2000
| Salsoul Classics vol1§2 | various Salsoul 199?
| The West End Story vol1>4 | various WEST END 199?
Belgian website for alternative music in French , it has plenty of Record reviews , Concert reviews and Interviews on all sorts of music from Indy rock to Hip Hop & all points in between ,check it out. proposed by Peter
La radio de la soirée parisienne Morts aux jeunes ! proposed by Peter
meakusma is a non profit organisation that targets on different multimedial arts.meakusma stands for workshops, eclectic concerts, parties and jam sessions proposed by Peter
Agatha Ranger is one of the multiple pseudos for this fascinating Catalan composer: his music could be described as electronic with a soul, ranging from purely downtempo to danceable tracks. No records available at this time, check ITunes 4 his AKAs! proposed by Peter
Label de Berlin : Barbara Morgenstern, Cobra Killer, ... proposed by Peter