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DJ Corner

S'Express Superfly guy 7"PS 1988
Cookie crew Females 7"PS 1987
VA / Code 61, Confet New beat megamix 12" GF 198?
Front 242 Never stop ! V1.0 12" PS 1989
VA CAM Honeymoon, the key love songs CD DGP 2001
Doctor Olive Screenage boogie CD DGP 2001
VA Filter Filter...Killing music CD DGP 1996
Bosco Paramour CD 1999
Neven Kokkola CD 1998
Demon Branding CD 2001
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bruusels based board of alternative electronic music. Runned by electronic specialists from and the future... proposed by Peter
All the news about the 80's Retro Eves @ Substation Liège! proposed by Peter
Résidence Baudoux : le site de Laurent Baudoux aka sun ok papi k.o, bruxellois signé sur Sonig proposed by Peter
The site about what's going on at the Soundstation in Liège with the Superfly Crew:Brand new nights of SOUL/DISCO/FUNK SWEATTING!!! :-) proposed by Peter
number 1 roots sound in Holland proposed by Peter