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DJ Corner

Mr Fingers Introduction DLP 1992
Paperclip People Clear and present 12" 2001
Tragic error Klatsche in die hände / Links 7"PS 1989
Swains Don't call us MCD 1990
Hi Tek 3 feat Ya ki Spin that wheel (4 mixes) MCD 198?
Beathoven Call the cops (4mixes) CDS 1988
Bill Laswell Lo. def pressure LP 2000
Mick Harris / Eraldo Overload lady, LP 1996
Freeform by Tal / A Vietnam & China LP 2002
VA / David Morley / Personal settings 2 LP 2002
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A very symathetic site dedicated to Gay Disco, based in the Netherlands, with other interesting links, infos samples and picture sleeves: and, my God, should you check those!!! proposed by Peter
One of the greatest achievements in Brussel's clubbing: daring DJs, not overpriced and definitely devoted to FUN! proposed by Peter
Morgan Geist's label site, hosting Daniel WANG (not allways happy with his own work but my favorite artist/dj/remixer)/Jersey Devil Social Club/Kelley Pollar Quartet and Metro Area: Pay them a visit! proposed by Peter
ZE place to be in LIEGE:lots of events of all styles from concerts to clubbing and one of the initiators of the anti Clear Channel monopole in Belgium!Lots to see , to read , to listen to : be warned! proposed by Peter
De l'électro à la low-fi en passant par la choucroute et l'expérimental:un site Liégeois qui réveille! proposed by Peter