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Bonhommet et Tilapin bande originale de l'emission 7"PS 1966
Musique à Neuf ( Pir Traces CD 2002
Joshua Alligator Music MCD 2006
Signal Aout 42 Contrast LP 1990
La chorale des scout Sois pret! 10" 196?
John Lou and his fri Belgium Blues 7"PS 1978
Pierre Leemans / Mus Atomium 38 / Exposition 58 7"PS 196?
v/a Think of One, Ar Flamundo!! CD 2006
Wannes Van de Velde Island & Zeemansliederen CD 200?
Moulin à Vent Musique des ménétriers de Wall CD 2006
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German dub producer & label proposed by Peter
Inaudible asbl est un collectif de musiciens bruxellois qui s’engage à diffuser la musique improvisée libre. Pour y parvenir, le collectif organise des concerts et des ateliers de travail, et rassemble des musiciens qui partagent la même communauté d'inté proposed by Peter
Belgian website for alternative music in French , it has plenty of Record reviews , Concert reviews and Interviews on all sorts of music from Indy rock to Hip Hop & all points in between ,check it out. proposed by Peter
meakusma is a non profit organisation that targets on different multimedial arts.meakusma stands for workshops, eclectic concerts, parties and jam sessions proposed by Peter
Agatha Ranger is one of the multiple pseudos for this fascinating Catalan composer: his music could be described as electronic with a soul, ranging from purely downtempo to danceable tracks. No records available at this time, check ITunes 4 his AKAs! proposed by Peter