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> Colin "Kid" Dawson with the Sammy Rimington Band / Fine and Dandy
Format : LP • Label : Onward Records • Condition S : VG+ R : NM
Release date : 1979 • Country : U.K. • Price : 20 €
Description : C.K.D.1
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Sadi and his Big Ban Tea For Two LP 197?
Eddie Defacq Orchest Clarinette tous azimuts LP 1986
Paul Closset and his volume 1 LP 1978
Nat "King" Cole Song Of Delilah, Come Closer T 7"PS 1968
Compositeurs Belges Compositeurs Belges LP 197?
Jean-Pierre Gebler a Jean-Pierre Gebler and friends LP 1983
Fud Candrix Und Sein Swing Tanzen Verboten LP 1976
Sydney Bechet Rare of rarest records LP ?
DIV Jam LP 1990
v.a - Er Was Eens vo Er Was EEns... LP 1972
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Belgian blog with cultural news &clips to see or be reseen, info on what's going on. proposed by Peter
Black Magic Plastic when you want to here it complete with playlist & disponability of the tunes in the shop! proposed by Peter
Le blog de l'évènement Courts Mais Trash proposed by Peter
Sound system & Label based in Paris news & interviews check it out proposed by Peter
great flemish soundsystem the place to go for dubplates in Belgium proposed by Peter