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Hello, my name is Dominique

Moi je n'aime pas les textes d'introduction! (un schtroumpf bien connu)

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| Title | Artist Label Year
| Ali baba twist | Corrado ei 93 vogue 1962
| Chanson bete et mechante | Clothilde vogue 1967
| Dracula cha cha cha | Bob Azzam barclay 196?
| Haschish | (Long) Chris philips 1968
| La complainte de l'hippocampe | Le quartet de Lyon disc az 196?
| La java des hommes -grenouilles | Ricet-Barrier philips 195?
| les sucettes | Ensemble Vocal Garnier vogue 1978
| Marchands de melons | Les bretell's philips/disques Salvador 1963
| Reviens dans ma cuisine | Dupont et Pondu festival 196?
| Securite sobriete | Catherine Demongeot dite Zazie bel air 1961
comeback 01.05.2020 Brussels
D day is there ! After nearly 2 months both shops are reopened today (YAHOO !) I know after these 2 long months we want to act more the BLACK FRIDAY MOB but NO WE WILL HAVE TO CARRY ON with the DISTANCING & FOLLOW SOME SIMPLE RULES. ARLEQUIN CENTRE : 3 people will be allowed inside at any 1 time, if the door doesn't open automatically please wait outside until someone exits. ARLEQUIN SAINT-GILLES being smaller we can only let 2 people in at a time ! There will be alcoholic gel to wash your hands at the entrance- EVERYONE MUST DO THIS BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER ! And if you want to see the condition of any records please bring them to the counter we will do this for you ! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask us we are there to help & just doing our little bit to stop the spread of this thing. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. ARLEQUIN BOYS !!
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Price :
When : 2020/05/11
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