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Hello, my name is Peter

Moi je n'aime pas les textes d'introduction! (un schtroumpf bien connu)

belgique proposed by Peter
Soul and Funk lp's proposed by Peter
Exotica lp's proposed by Peter
Film Music proposed by Peter
New Wave lp's proposed by Peter
| Title | Artist Label Year
| AFRO-PERCUSSIONS | Don Ralke warner bros 196?
| TROPICAL DELIGHTS | Xavier Cugat mercury 196?
| VOICE OF THE XTABAY | Yma Sumac capitol 195?
| LATINESQUE | Esquivel rca 1962
| HOW TO BELLYDANCE FOR YOUR HUSBAND | Sonny Lester roulette 196?
| TROPICAL FANTASY | Michel Magne columbia 195?
| WHITE GODDESS | Franck Hunter kapp 195?
| AFRICANA | Chaino dot 195?
| SITAR A GO-GO | Big Jim Sullivan mercury 1967
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SUPERPOPSTUDIO psychedelic pop art par excellence proposed by Peter
the RICHARD M. POWERS cyber art gallery : the master of illustration of Sci-Fi pocketbooks proposed by Peter
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