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DJ Corner

Front 242 Two in one / / Ethics / 12" 1982
Weathermen (the) Let them come to Berlin 12" 1986
Jazzy M & Tony Thorp Fly to Cherry moon 7"PS Prom 1989
Telex Moskow diskow / Pakmovast 7"PS 1979
KC & the sunshine ba I like to do it / Come on in 7"PS 1976
Gloria Gaynor I Will survive 7"PS 1979
Thelma Houston Don't leave me this way / Toda 7"PS 1976
Kate B Break down 12" 198?
Pet shop boys West end girls (extented mix)/ 12" PS"
Carlos Peron Talks to the nations 12" 1988
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So find your way to the best music, DJ , parties and arts events happening in Brussels with this magic list to avoid the crap and indulge yourself with only the very best. NOW your life become exciting and interesting...;-P proposed by Peter
Vacation, shopping, music & all you wanna know about Jamaica proposed by Peter
Fan of Telex proposed by Peter
Analog Pleasures is an independent party and event organisation offering qualitative,enjoyable and creative electronic music. proposed by Peter
As often, the UNDERGROUND is much larger than you expected: Check this!!! proposed by Peter