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Soul>R'nB • Funk>Hip-Hop

Wizards of Ooze Bustin' Loose CDS 1999
Wizards of Ooze Big red balloon CDS 1999
Wizards of Ooze Dusty Pieces CDS 1996
Natalie Cole This Will Be / Joey 7"PS 1975
Diana ROSS / Marvin Pops,We Love You / Instrumenta 7"PS 1978
Atomic with Grazzhop The last idealist CD 2000
Bob & Earl Harlem shuffle / I'll keep run 7"PS 1969
Wizards Of Ooze Cheezy CDS 2000
Michael Jackson You can't win part 1 & 2 7"PS 1979
Detroit emeralds You want it, you got it / I be 7"PS 1972
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Soul and Funk lp's proposed by Dominique
| Title | Artist Label Year
| Back To The World | Curtis Mayfield Buddah Records 1973
| Cosmic Truth | The Undisputed Truth Motown 1975
| Enterprise(His greatest hits) | Isaac Hayes STAX 1980
| Floaters | Floaters ABC 1977
| Greatest Hits | Barry White Casablanca 1976
| J.Brown'sFunky People | James Brown'sFunky People Polygram 1986
| Love § Understanding | Kool§The Gang De-lite 1976
| Raising Hell | The Fatback Band Southbound Records 1975
| Ultrafunk | Ultrafunk Contempo 1975
| Watcha See Is Watcha Get | The Dramatics STAX 1971
Belgian blog with cultural news &clips to see or be reseen, info on what's going on. proposed by Peter
Black Magic Plastic when you want to here it complete with playlist & disponability of the tunes in the shop! proposed by Peter
Sound system & Label based in Paris news & interviews check it out proposed by Peter
great flemish soundsystem the place to go for dubplates in Belgium proposed by Peter
German dub producer & label proposed by Peter