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Belgium • Made in Belgium
Made in Belgium

a a DLP a a
BANZAI We're so sorry / Be careful no 7"PS 197?
KENGEN ( RAXOLA ) Snack-bar / c'est fini 7"PS 1981
SCABS So Called Friends / Frozen Fac 7"PS 1981
Philippe ANCIAUX Trajets CD 1991
Jacques GUEUX Chansons Sociales en Belgique LP 1976
Ensemble d'Archets E C. Riccioti / R. de Lassus / J LP 197?
John OUWERX and His At full liberty... En toute li LP 1974
BENE GESSERIT / LeLu sahid bahey / africa 7"PS 1986
PARIS NOCTURNE Victime de l'Amour / La Nuit d 7"PS 1981
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belgique proposed by Dominique
| Title | Artist Label Year
| Quiet Village | FRANCIS BAY philips 195?
| I Sleep on the Waves | DIGITAL DANCE digital 1979
| So Long Sad Sack | DAYAKS v.d.H. 196?
| Elle a Dit : "MMM" | COUSINS palette 1962
| Rock Namurois | STTELLLA dks 1978
| El Potofo | CHAKACHAS rca 196?
| Mad Train | ANDRE BRASSEUR palette 1966
| Qu'Est-Ce Que Ma Soeur F... Dans La Machine Vapeur | POP LIBERTY 6 ? 196?
| See Saw ep | CHAINSAW romantik 1977
Belgian blog with cultural news &clips to see or be reseen, info on what's going on. proposed by Peter
Black Magic Plastic when you want to here it complete with playlist & disponability of the tunes in the shop! proposed by Peter
Sound system & Label based in Paris news & interviews check it out proposed by Peter
great flemish soundsystem the place to go for dubplates in Belgium proposed by Peter
German dub producer & label proposed by Peter