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Hello, my name is Dominique

Moi je n'aime pas les textes d'introduction! (un schtroumpf bien connu)

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| Title | Artist Label Year
| Ali baba twist | Corrado ei 93 vogue 1962
| Chanson bete et mechante | Clothilde vogue 1967
| Dracula cha cha cha | Bob Azzam barclay 196?
| Haschish | (Long) Chris philips 1968
| La complainte de l'hippocampe | Le quartet de Lyon disc az 196?
| La java des hommes -grenouilles | Ricet-Barrier philips 195?
| les sucettes | Ensemble Vocal Garnier vogue 1978
| Marchands de melons | Les bretell's philips/disques Salvador 1963
| Reviens dans ma cuisine | Dupont et Pondu festival 196?
| Securite sobriete | Catherine Demongeot dite Zazie bel air 1961
comeback 01.05.2020 Brussels
Hello Everybody, As you can imagine we are trying to get the shops ready for reopening on monday the 11th of may assuming no changes by the government ! As we all learned fairly quickly there will be a limit to the number of people allowed in the shop at one time and there will be certain hygienes rules we will insist on. If you want to check what we have in stock you can check our discogs page too (made a research on the web with "arlequin discogs seller") or contact us directly on Yes we're still here and hope to see you from the 11th of may. Stay safe ! The Arlequin boys
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When : 2020/05/01
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